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This bibliography aims to list the most important and most useful secondary literature about Beowulf, as well as articles particularly relevant to the edited excerpts. 'Beowulf Come Lately: Some Notes on the Palaeography of the Nowell Codex.' Archiv fur das Studium der Neueren Sprachen und Literaturen 225.1 (1988): 49-63.

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Oxford users should look at the Article Vault for online versions of some more of the pieces below: Select Article Vault [OXFORD UNIVERSITY MEMBERS ONLY]. 'Old English Colour Classification: where do matters stand?

Since then “few topics in Anglo-Saxon studies have generated as much speculation and scholarship as the dating of Beowulf”, writes Leonard Neidorf in his recently edited volume on the “Dating of Beowulf”.

Boydell and Brewer 2014 ISBN: 9781843843870In 1815 the poem, Beowulf, was first published.

Whether by evil intent or not, the result was a profound tectonic shift in the understanding of the poem, which through these machinations was handed over to a long series of literary critics of all ilks and genders.