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History–New 1-7-85, Formerly 11B-27.011, Amended 7-13-87, 10-25-88, 12-13-92, 9-5-93, 1-19-94, 8-7-94, 11-5-95, 1-2-97, 7-7-99, 8-22-00, 11-5-02, 4-11-04, 11-30-04, 3-27-06, 3-21-07, 6-9-08, 4-16-09, 6-3-10, 5-21-12, 3-13-13, 5-29-14, 7-29-15, 9-4-16. 11B-27.0011(4)(c)14.a.-e.: Adds “Misuse of Electronic Databases” as a new officer violation ....11B-27.0011(3): Clarifies the documents required for the Commission to consider reinstatement of a previously certified officer. S., regarding “making false claims of academic degree or title,” from the list of misdemeanor or criminal offenses pursuant to new legislation effective 7/1/2011; Revises the oath on the Affidavit .... To revise the following forms to comply with the revision of Section 119.071, F.

C.: Adds a new sub-paragraph to include “prejudicial behavior” as a moral character violation. 11B-27.002(3)(a)11.: Revises ....11B-27.0011(3): Clarifies the documents required for the Commission to consider reinstatement of a previously certified officer.

Moral Character, Certification, Employment or Appointment, Reactivation, and Terminating Employment or Appointment of Officers, Maintenance of Officer Certification, Temporary Employment Authorization, ....11B-27.0011(4)(b)1.: Amends the current rule language by removing the charge of Video Voyeurism (810.145, F.

Updates the moral character violations for an officer’s failure to maintain good moral character; to comply with statutory revisions to Section 943.131(2), F. C.: Added the new statutes for “dating violence” (Section 784.046(15), F. S.) to the list of misdemeanor or criminal offenses. C.: Revised to add rule language for recantation, as a defense to any violation involving perjury or false statement in a court proceeding, if the perjury or false statement occurred during .... S., regarding procedures for requesting a full social security number on Commission forms.

Cyberspace has become an alternative medium for experiencing new and creative romantic endeavors with few spatio-temporal limits.

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