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With that being said when we look at these pictures, then we have to ask this question--------is it possible that some sisters, are driving brothers away?James Bradfield worked the graveyard shift at a factory that built airplane parts in Jackson, Mississippi. He’d previously worked for a company that made radiators, but the company went out of business and Bradfield had to take the next job he could find. De'Mariouz nodded.“That’s where Craig’s gone — to heaven,” Davis said.“He gone to heaven? ” De'Mariouz said.“The Lord said he wanted him to go to heaven.”“I’m gon’ miss him. I didn’t get to say goodbye to him.”De'Mariouz began crying. The young man who killed him had celebrated his death. More than simply murders, these were political killings, tacitly endorsed or ignored by authorities, designed to strike fear into those who might question white supremacy.

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He has played with various other artists, including The Sound of Animals Fighting. He has recorded as a solo artist and appeared in the 2012 film K-11.

He currently performs under the stage name bad Xchannels.

"She's not moving on in a romantic way." "There's no race for a new relationship.

SIDE NOTE: Charlie Sheen is totally buying all their albums right now. Or, as a source close to the singer/actress says, just a friend reaching out to a friend in a difficult time? "Craig Owens is a longtime friend and was comforting Ashlee during this difficult time," a Simpson source says.

Is Ashlee Simpson moving on just a month after filing for divorce from rocker Pete Wentz? They're friends." Recent reports that Simpson and Wentz are gearing up for a custody battle are also untrue, according to the source, insisting the "split is amicable." "Right now her attention is on Bronx and some new work projects she has coming up.