Consolidating pneumonia

This brigade was to be the only Mountain Artillery in the Territorial Force or, for that matter, in all of the British Isles.

So, in 1908, the Argyll & Bute Volunteer Artillery and the Ross & Cromarty Volunteer Artillery became the 4th Highland Mountain Brigade with firing batteries to be known as The Buteshire Mountain Battery, The Argyllshire Mountain Battery and The Ross & Cromarty Mountain Battery.

The 25th of April 2005 marked the 90th anniversary of the landing of a large force of British, Australian, New Zealand, Indian, Gurkha and French soldiers on the Gallipoli Peninsula.

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Tools to assess the severity of disease and risk of death include the PSI/PORT (ie, pneumonia severity index/Patient Outcomes Research Team score), the CURB-65 (ie, confusion, urea, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and age Sputum Gram stain and culture should be performed before initiating antibiotic therapy.

A single predominant microbe should be noted at Gram staining, although mixed flora may be observed with anaerobic infection caused by aspiration.

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Lobar pneumonia is an acute medical emergency, and the advent of the newer specific therapeutic measures requires that the diagnosis be made as soon as possible so that treatment may be commenced early in the disease. Then coughing begins, and there may be bloody expiration.