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Injuries again plagued Pontius in 2013 and he only played in 22 of the 34 matches that year. Pontius saw a resurgence to form and became a major contributor to the Union's 2016 season as he led the team in scoring with 12 goals from 34 appearances on the left wing.This return to form earned him the 2016 MLS Comeback Player of the Year.

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So does this mean Johnny Knoxville and his band of giddy morons qualify as artists? It doesn’t hurt that their latest movie, — which opens nationwide tomorrow — was screened earlier this week at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, the very building that also houses a Picasso collection.

You could waste a lot of ink writing about the artistry, intended or not, of the oeuvre.

The new movie in particular is brimming with subtext, everything from blistering homosexual tension (has their ever been a group of straight men who wanted to fuck each other as desperately as these guys? Despite what you may’ve heard, the 3-D technology isn’t the real show here.

Sure, it’s fascinating and revolting to watch poop sprayed at you in three-dimensions.

On December 22, 2009, Pontius received his first call up to train with the senior US national team.