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“I deleted my You Tube channel because I feel like on a website where people can leave anonymous comments and they don’t have to have their face or their name, um, or be accountable or the things they say, but can be a really negative and toxic place. Um, not just with the people; You Tube, as a whole, has never really embraced me. There were a lot of things on there that I would never say at 28 years old. and you know I’ve been doing this for 10 years, which is a long time on the internet when everything is just in the blink of an eye. The people that followed me since 2006, they weren’t watching for Leave Britney Alone.

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Although he is keen to share every step of his gender journey, Crocker's openness has been faced with harsh pushback.

He's a true testament that what we see on the outside is not always what's happening on the inside.

R35 / R38 are the usual judgemental and uncompassionate cunts than post of DL, R39.