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'That’s the worst high school mentality: "F***you, I’m gonna do it because you don’t want me to!

One moment he's loudly bragging about his drinking exploits and the next he's got tears in his eyes and a soppy smile on his face when he's talking sensitively about how much he loves his wife Demi Moore and being stepfather to the three daughters she raised with ex-husband Bruce Willis. 'And the girls are the icing on the cake that is my life.

(Timberlake, 30, was still involved with Jessica Biel at the time; they split last month.) According to Diaz, it was anything but awkward or tense working with her ex on the dark comedy.

PHOTOS: Justin and Jessica through the years "No, it's great. We went for the best person for the job, and it just so happened that it was him. I say that with great respect to his character and what he's done!

He'll Make the Move: Musk is rumored to have been visiting Diaz in Los Angeles while he continues to work at the Tesla headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif.