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Darcy, Rhett Butler, Jay Gatsby, Edward Cullen, Christian Grey, and [insert any Nicholas Sparks' character here] sure knew how to woo their lovers. Book Bub is a free service that gives readers a seamless way to discover books they'll love at a great price.

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Mortimer Goth was born outside of Sim City, in the Old Country, which could refer to a place such as the United Kingdom, or an unknown rural area, or could be a way of saying "someplace else".

His father moved the family to Sim City when Mortimer was young.

Missed dates, postseries sob sessions, and long philosophical talks about fictional characters.

If any of these things sound familiar to you, then you might be dating a bookworm — or maybe you're just addicted to reading yourself.

SF’s Chinatown, which the racial dot map and Wikipedia point to as to the upper right of the word “San Francisco,” is actually far more gender-neutral than similar immigrant communities we found in NYC. Right over the bay, Oakland mixes it up a bit while Berkeley is a nice little gender melting pot.

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    There has been a recent rise in ‘begpackers’ - that’s backpackers who are begging - across some of the poorest countries in the world.