Book of daniel carbon dating

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Book of daniel carbon dating

I read the scientific article on the carbon dating done on the Jericho site written by Bruins and Van Der Plicht.

When I did the math from their results section of the YBP, they all turned out to be right around the year 1400 .

The two pages of parchment were written in ink in the early Arabic script of Hijazi.

A library assistant at the University of Birmingham handles the pages, above, which have been dated using carbon dating During this time the Koran was memorised and recited orally but Caliph Abu Bakr, the first leader of the Muslim community after Muhammad's death, ordered the Koranic material to be collected into a book.

What if the one-horned he-Goat is a code name also for another opposing and superior global force that will arise in the days before the coming of the Messiah?