Black single fathers dating

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Single fathers, on the other hand, were perceived by those surveyed as individuals in a challenging situation who had to worry about complications of solo parenting like paying child support, finding child-care, and balancing their dating life with raising kids.

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Despite also being a car-less, transit-using single parent who can’t remember the last time I had a regular weekly recreational activity not related to the eight-and-under set, I found myself marveling at this friend’s sacrifices.

Then I found myself annoyed that I had slipped into such a typical line of thought.

Then hand the books over the years, she says the pair are adamant that they were not looking.

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The study The study, which collected information on 1,226 single men, discovered that theincreased chance of a new relationshipamong single fathers was onlyapparent among fathers who had agood relationship with their children- paying child support and regularlyvisiting them.