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We just feel at the end of the day, we have this unbelievable platform — Bill with the shows he does and me with the shows I do. Giuliana Rancic: We always check in with each other a couple of times a week; the idea is to get anything that's brewing off your chest, but it's not just about airing the bad stuff and what's bothering you but also what's making you happy.

how to live the perfect balanced life and I don't believe it," the 44-year-old serial entrepreneur told CNBC.

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News' host reveals about son Duke and having another child. It was on the third IVF cycle that I found that I had breast cancer, which was obviously a very scary time.

We don't feel the cameras as much as we used to, and we're okay with it, because there has been a lot of positive feedback. Giuliana Rancic: I surprised him with a trip to Mexico, rented a house there.