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On March 18, the House Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa and the Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere held a joint hearing about Iran and Hezbollah’s involvement in Central and South America.

The committees discussed Iran's attempts to expand its influence in Latin America during the last 30 years, as well as the Islamic Republic's alleged involvement in attacks in Peru and Uruguay and the mysterious death of Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman.

It is well known that Iran poses a security threat to regional affairs and has expanded its ties in countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Ecuador.

The United States needs a comprehensive understanding of Tehran’s efforts in Latin America in order to thwart any potential risk to our allies and U. national security.”“Almost two years ago, I testified before another committee that Iran’s influence in the Western Hemisphere had grown tremendously over the last 30 years since the dawn of the Iranian revolution.

It was one of the largest and longest conventional interstate wars since the Korean War ended in 1953.

A half million lives were lost, and perhaps another million were injured. war that President Obama recently ended in Iraq was the finale in this march of folly.

Let's suppose Iran launches a surprise attack on one of the aircraft carriers of the U. Fifth fleet and manages to sink subsequently the U. Declares war on Iran and launches an invasion of the would this play out and who would be the eventual victor.