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Through an examination of these gendered attitudes, this article sheds light on the role that age plays in couple formation, and on the gender inequality that accompanies it.

Marie, « ‪L’âge et ses usages sexués sur les sites de rencontres en France (années 2000)‪ », Clio, 2015/2 (No 42), p.

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Additional survey findings include:“Online dating has become the norm and as a result, transformed how and in what capacity people meet.

After surveying millions of Americans about their online dating habits, it appears that singles are becoming better at showing good judgment in their online dating adventures,” said Badoo Dating Expert Joelle Hadfield.

One-third (33%) of American singles admitted they feel enhanced pressured to find a date or significant other during the holiday season.

Gay males (45%) reported feeling considerably more pressure from family and friends to have a partner during this time, while only 37 percent of bisexuals, 32 percent of lesbians, and 30 percent of straight people feel the same.

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