Are dexter and his sister dating in real life is dating a sin

“We’ve been through quite a journey in our personal life, but thankfully that remains a fundamental friendship and respectful.” Hall and Carpenter are thrilled about the seventh season, because Deb finally realizes her brother is a murderer.“That’s the big challenging situation that Dexter has to be vigilant about,” said Hall about the reveal.Surprise: 'Mad Men' co-stars Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser said 'I do'... The cat just got out of the bag about the couple, who wed in a secret ceremony in California.

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I think Dexter is a man who, a part of himself is very much frozen, or arrested in a place that is pre-memory, pre-conscious, pre-verbal.

Something very traumatic happened to him, he doesn't know what that is. He denies his humanity, he describes himself as someone who is without feeling, and yet I think that he maybe suspects - in a way that maybe ...

“I had the luxury to really commit to my treatment,” revealed Hall. Truly that makes things a lot easier.” The 42-year-old actor began his career on the HBO series, Carpenter, 32, plays his sister, Deb, a cop who for a long while was unaware of her brother’s bloody proclivity.