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Dating violence rates are not determined solely by belonging to a minority, ethnic, or national group.

The reality of a given society at a given time affects the specific impact of any given variable on dating violence.

It’s a hotline that has just been launched in Israel enabling members of the public to inform on Jewish women who are dating Arab men “so that they can be persuaded to end the relationship”.

Implications and recommendations for required policy changes and for further studies are suggested.

Israeli cinema has truly taken off in recent decades, tackling subjects that are at once difficult, diverse and enchanting.

A remarkably realistic and genuine film, this is sure to satisfy an audience that seeks both truthful depictions of conflict in Israel and sympathetic characters.

This drama is told primarily from the perspective of Tami Gerlik, with sections presented through the eyes of her mother, Rachel Gerlik, who has been widowed for one year and is trying to find a new husband.

Binj, another Israeli Arab Muslim, is dating a Jewish Israeli girl, and Dando, an Israeli Jewish police officer, is looking for his missing brother, an Israeli soldier he suspects has been killed by Palestinians.

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