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I began to sing it softly, getting to the second verse when someone walked on to the bus.

It was Jack, my best friend, my favorite person, my love. My part of it is real, I just don't know about his part... " Jack said, sitting next to me."Hi, Jack," I said weakly, getting back to the song."Put that down, let's take a walk," he said, taking the guitar off my lap and putting it on the ground.

The two of you really had been doing that, but your brother didn’t need to seriously know that, he’d never come over again.

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Requested by Anon: Please can you do a sad imagine where you’re being abused and Jack and Alex find out and you breakdown and cry and Jack cuddles you and tells you that you’ll be okay :*Word Count: 1145Warnings: physical and mental abuse Notes: so I’m a teen dating violence instructor/speaker (and as in violence, I mean physical, emotional, mental, verbal, yeah you get the gist) so if you’re having any problems with your partner, we are here! Your so-called boyfriend slapped you hard against the face, you nearly falling to the ground; the blow was that hard. Jack rested his hand on his best friend’s chest, giving him a look.

You had been with your boyfriend, Samuel, for about a year now. You didn’t give him a straight forward answer right away, you sassed him, and the two of started arguing about the time you saw him having sex with some slut about four weeks ago.“A FLING? YOU’RE STILL KEEPING IN TOUCH WITH THE FUCKING WHORE! During the hit, you accidently bit down on your bottom lip, causing it to bleed. Your brother’s house wasn’t too far, but the only problem was, how were you going to hide the already forming bruises and bloody lip? Alex calmed down a bit, realizing your fragile state.

” You cried, finally letting the tears stream down your pale and frightened face.

You reached for the door handle and opened it, running to your car.

My sister sleeping and living with my best friend is one of them.” Your older brother Alex yells over the phone, making you laugh. Just then you hear the front door out in the living room open and then shut, signaling that Jack was home from the store. He looks at you, unsure if he should touch you or not.