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The Royal Palace and its 61 acres of incredible buildings will be number one on today's to do list.

The Emerald Buddha Temple, the Dawn Temple, the Royal Barge, Chao Praya River will follow shortly after - just listing today's sites gives us the butterflies.

57%), and they reported an earlier age at first sex (16.6 vs. Half of the former group and one-third of the latter had been tested for HIV or another sexually transmitted disease (STD); 10% and 6%, respectively, had had an STD.

Respondents aged 18-24 who had found partners on-line had met an average of 15 partners by other means, including four in the past year; by contrast, those who had not met any partners through the Internet had had six partners, two of them in the past year.

Depending on your destination in Asia, there are many leading airlines including, Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines and JAL.