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According to Chinese historical sources, the first kiln was actually within or beside the palace precinct, described as in the "back park", and was called or was at "Xiuneisi".

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A second kiln was established later at Jiaotanxia ("Altar of Heaven" or "Suburban Altar"), on the outskirts of the new capital; this has been identified and excavated.

In Chinese contemporary sources these wares were regarded as rather inferior to those from the first kiln, and the excavated sherds are very similar to those of the nearby Longquan celadon kilns.

Following excavations in starting in 1996 it is now thought that the site has been found, as the Laohudong or Tiger Cave Kiln [老虎洞窑] on the outskirts of the city.

An old Yue ware dragon kiln had been revived, but the official wares were made in a northern-style mantou kiln, rare this far south.

It is usually assumed that potters from the northern imperial kilns followed the court south to man the new kilns.